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This page has the highlights, but if you want to read more you can download the 2017 Grower Participation Guide.

How do I raise money for the charity?

The short answer is, any way you can. Some folks send e-mails, others post on Facebook, and the most effective Growers simply ask their friends and family for donations. You can get pledges ahead of time or even sell sponsorships for individual whiskers. When you start growing, people will ask you about it. That is when you explain what you are doing and turn their ridicule into a charitable contribution.

How do my donors give me money?

There are two ways to collect money. The best method is to direct them to the M4K website where we will have a "Donate Now" button. That will take them directly to the charity where they can donate with a credit card and you will get credit for their donation. The second method is to simply collect a check from them made payable directly to the charity. Our charity partner is a 501(c)(3) entity for tax purposes so these two methods of giving are 100% tax deductible. If they insist on giving you cash, you can certainly accept it but it is likely not tax deductible for them. We grow mustaches, we're not accountants or lawyers (actually, some of us are accountants or lawyers, but don't tell anyone).

How much do I have to raise?

The charity is grateful for any money that is raised, so there is no minimum donation requirement for Growers. However, we encourage all Growers to strive for at least $100. In fact, the more money you raise the higher you can climb on the list of Grower Levels.  It starts at the despicable "Trebek Level" for those that raise less than $100 all the way up to the pinnacle - The Selleck Society for those that raise more than $1,000.  Members of the Selleck Society are inducted in a ceremony, receive a special button, and are allowed into the exclusive Selleck Lounge at all events.  Last year we set every fundraising record possible.  

Calendar of Events for 2017:

May 4th - Clean Shave Party at Two Fine Irishmen!! 6:00. Our Clean Shave Party where Growers will shave, get their pictures taken, pick up their Grower Packets, and learn all about the M4K growing season. Also, there will be partying.

May 11th - Checkpoint One at Redeye. 6:30. Mustache Trivia night. You will get to see just how much smarter you are with a mustache. You will be astonished. Also, we party.

May 18th - Checkpoint Two at Pipeline Tavern, 6:30. Magnum P.I. Hawaiian Shirt Night!! Turn in any donations and get your picture taken for the website to track your growth. And party.

May 25th - Mustache Night at the Lanes.  6:00.  Bring the whole family to bowl at Alley V.  Then stick around and party.  

June 3rd - Stache Bash at Slowdown. This is the big one. A mustache themed costume party extravaganza. We will hand out the Stachey Awards, have our Mustache Parade, announce the total raised, and, for most of us, enjoy one last mustachioed evening. Most mustaches perish after Stache Bash, some of them on the way home in the car.

Go here for the 2015 Grower Participation Guidelines




2017 Leader Board

1   Wayne Lewis $35,615
2   Chad Ingersoll $32,362
 3   Gary Muhs $23,274
4   Jon Meyers $17,806
5   Rob Steele $14,835
6   Tom Brantley $13,705
7   Rob Seward $11,763
8   Ian Rennels $10,170
9   Tom Rosencrans $8,442
10   Dave Spence $7,500
11   Greg Schwanke $7,290
12   Ryan Butler $7,025
13   Kris Covi $6,501
14   Adam Perez $6,285
15   Ryan Herrick $5,840

Expanded Leaderboard

Past Campaigns



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Camp CoHoLo









Ted E. Bear Hollow






Ronald McDonald House Omaha


$1,780, 868